Little House, and Big Storm, on the Prairie

By Nathan Myhrvold
Limited Edition

Nathan caught up with a mesocyclone at sunset as it loomed menacingly over a tiny farmhouse in the plains near Big Spring, Texas. Mammatus clouds, which appear like cotton puffs, can be seen hovering behind the mesocyclone. Farther in the distance, an amber sunset created a stunning juxtaposition between foreground and background, which made for this fantastic shot. Even though he was several miles away, the intake wind from the storm whipped at him and his camera while capturing this photograph.

Aspect Ratio: Standard

Sizing Options

50 cm × 33 cm (19 11/16 in × 13 1/8 in)
70 cm × 46.6 cm (27 9/16 in × 18 3/8 in)
100 cm × 66.6 cm (39 3/8 in × 26 1/4 in)
150 cm × 100 cm (59 1/16 in × 39 3/8 in)
200 cm × 133.3 cm (78 ¾ in × 52 1/2 in)

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