Double Rainbow Darkness

By Nathan Myhrvold
Limited Edition

If you want to see a rainbow, put the sun at your back. It’s the sun’s rays, reflecting and refracting off raindrops, that split the white sunlight into the entire visible spectrum of colors that are always present within it. When the background sky is dark enough, you can see a second rainbow above the first, dimmer and with the order of its colors reversed so that red is on the inner side. Though not always visible, that second bow is always there. It forms when the sunlight bounces twice within the raindrops before heading to your eye.

Aspect Ratio: Standard

Sizing Options

50 cm × 33 cm (19 11/16 in × 13 1/8 in)
70 cm × 46.6 cm (27 9/16 in × 18 3/8 in)
100 cm × 66.6 cm (39 3/8 in × 26 1/4 in)
150 cm × 100 cm (59 1/16 in × 39 3/8 in)
200 cm × 133.3 cm (78 ¾ in × 52 1/2 in)

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