Tiger Stripes

By Nathan Myhrvold
Limited Edition

There’s more to espresso than meets the eye. As an avid espresso fan, Nathan was inspired to capture this shot on the same machine he makes his daily cappuccino. The flow and appearance of espresso changes as a shot is pulled. Using water pressure, the shot is pulled through the portafilter. The initial trickle of dark-brown liquid begins to flow more quickly and lightens in color, and then golden bands resembling tiger stripes appear in the stream of coffee. The espresso’s flavor changes as much as the color—different compounds are extracted as pulling the shot progresses.

Aspect Ratio: Square

Sizing Options

50 cm × 50 cm (19 11/16 in × 19 11/16 in)
70 cm × 70 cm (27 9/16 in × 27 9/16 in)
100 cm × 100 cm (39 3/8 in × 39 3/8 in)
150 cm × 150 cm (59 1/16 in × 59 1/2 in)

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