Snowflake Triptych: 2

By Nathan Myhrvold
Limited Edition

Nathan collected thousands of snowflakes before finding a few that were this stellar. During winter, there are billions of snowflakes falling at any given moment across the coldest regions of North America alone. While there may be billions of them, catching one is no easy feat. Nathan captured individual snowflakes with black foam board, which was wrapped in black velvet on particularly windy days. He then used a size 000 watercolor paintbrush, charged with static in the air, to transfer and manipulate individual snowflakes into position on a microscope slide.

Aspect Ratio: Square

Sizing Options

50 cm × 50 cm (19 11/16 in × 19 11/16 in)
70 cm × 70 cm (27 9/16 in × 27 9/16 in)
100 cm × 100 cm (39 3/8 in × 39 3/8 in)
150 cm × 150 cm (59 1/16 in × 59 1/16 in)

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